These Banjara women are not from the Gor Banjara community in Karnataka. They are Gandhari Lambadis from Madhya Pradesh in North India. Members of this tribe can be found in both Maharashtra and Telangana. Regional Banjara dress codes are different. This head gear is unique for the Druze people in Israel and this tribe in India.

The Druze people is a small ethnic minority inside Israel, accounting for ca. two per cent of the population. By their females dress code you could acknowledge their regional identity. The stick on the head of the Druze woman is a unique feature in the Middle East. Inside the enlarged Banjara community you can also identify a local tribe’s regional location by their female dress code. You might be surprised that it has been possible to rediscover a remnant of Druze people inside this Indian tribal commonwealth.

This book have photo evidences. There is a link between the Druze people in Israel and the Banjara tribal community.