Jews from the province of Cappadocia were present in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost. This is recorded in the New Testament book of Acts 2: 8-9. (…) 70.A.D: The Romans destroyed Jerusalem, and sent the Jewish people into a global diaspora. Both Religious and Messianic Jews. Many fled to the new hub of Messianic believers in Cappadocia in today’s Turkey. Located at the Silk Road, Cappadocia received visitors who came in caravans from Persia and beyond. The landscape is full of caves. Surely a perfect hideout for persecuted, fleeing Jews and lost sheep of Israel. This was a place they could worship in secret. The first known Christian symbols were hammered into the roof of such caves. Like in the Three Crosses Cave Church. I will display to you how this symbol became iconic for persecuted Christians all over Asia Minor, and along the Silk Road. Picked up by Nomadic tribes from the Banjara’s in the East, to Berber Tuareg in the West.