With the new discovery of 12 Tandas in Africa, the mystery of the origin of the Banjara word for camp should stand solved. Lower Egypt and the Nile delta is the cross road for the nomadic tribes that use this Word for camp/village. Not surprisingly there are two villages or settlements named “Tandah” located just south of Cairo. The people of Israel sojourned in this area for 400 years (1.800-1.400 B.C). The seven plagues and Biblical Exodus resulted in Egyptian linked tribes running in all directions. The Bible explains that roughly 600.000 people crossed the Red Sea into the desert of Sinai. Also people from other tribes followed these Hebrews on their dangerous journey eastwards. The Celtic tribes did not join the people of Israel, according to Celtic folklore. They escaped these ancient apocalyptic events by traveling westwards into North Africa. (…) “Lake Tanda’s” are found in three very distant locations from each other. Up in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and near the Sahara-desert-end in Timbuktu in Mali. And not to forget near the Khyber pass in Pakistan. These gypsy tribes have surely been on the run through World History.

Two villages are named Tandah close to the Nile river in Egypt.