The first talisman (taita) contained a mini-version of the scroll of Queen Esther, the Jewish queen of Persia (492 B.C – 460 B.C.) As Islam captured the whole area of ancient Persia (700 A.D-1.000 A.D), Muslim leaders ordered the replacement of the biblical book of Esther with verses from the Koran. The Banjara tribe refused to convert to Islam, and do not display any Koran verses on their taitas. It taita was the only object of Judaic origin among the Banjaras, this could be a strange coincidence. But the Banjara tribe also use the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon and even Menorah’s. The narrative that the Banjara tribe is a lost tribe of Israel stands strong. All these rediscoveries match their DNA, which is of Middle Eastern origin.

A Gor Banjara woman with a Jewish talisman, called Hasslo in Gormati.