Without applying Anthropology, it is close to impossible to decode the origin of Gor Banjaras. They did exist thousands of years ago, regardless if Archaeology can not be used to find any of their structures. And classical historians can not find any written source to examine. Nomadic tribes hideouts and whereabouts can be determined by a cross-culture examination of jewellery, patterns, rituals, DNA, particular words and origin of symbols, etc. The Banjara community and the Tuareg’s in central Africa live thousands of kilometers apart. But their crossroads can be rediscovered by applying DNA-science. The Tuareg tribe in Niger and Gor Banjaras share a high number of the Celtic DNA code of R1b. That code (R-V88) was discovered in the bones of three Pharaoh’s who lived ca. 1.500 B.C in Egypt. The age of the Biblical Exodus seems to be the time when Celts, Tuareg and the Banjara people traveled in different directions. In my next article you will be introduced to three Tandas in Niger, in the Tuareg’s heartland.