As you enter Pakistan from Indian Kashmir, there is a village named Tanda. This village town is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where you find the famous Khyber pass. Located ca 200 kilometers west of Tanda. In the mountains above Tanda, there is a local pass named Tanda Gali. The village Tanda is located 3.400 feet above sea level. This pass is part of the ancient regional highway down from Afghanistan to India. A part of the famous Silk Road. Every Banjara in India use the name «Tanda» for camp, (village). As you enter Afghanistan, you find the mountain Tanda Algade Ghar. Just south of Kabul. A perfect summer camp for pastoral tribes. Further westwards, you find Tandah Ghar montain, south East of the city of Kandahar. Interestingly, just above a vilage named after an Mughal emperor.