The Indo-Aryan’s came from the west and expanded eastwards. So claims modern DNA-scientists. The split of the R1A-group into an European arm and an Indian took place ca. 3.800 B.C. That is the age of biblical Abraham, who lived in the city of Ur inside today’s Iraq. 30 per cent of Gor Banjaras are R1a. And interestingly 40 per cent are R1b. This is the DNA-code for male Celts. (The large majority of people in Ireland and Scotland are R1b). In my book “Gyspy and daughter of Israel, Gor Banjara” you can read about Celtic folklore that claims they were together with the people of Israel in Joseph’s Egypt. The Gor Banjara DNA-mix of R1a and R1b place the origin of this tribe in the Middle East.…/theres…/article61986135.ece