A legend from the ancient city of Taxila in the Indus Valley claims one of the three Magis who came to visit the Messiah in Bethlehem, was an Indian king. Did the king travel to Israel in a caravan set up by the Banjaras?

The match in embroidery between Bethlehem and Lambani culture is likely to be a fruit of caravan trade between India and the Middle East in ancient times. One possibility of such an encounter is found in the New Testament of the Bible. The three magi’s (wise men) or kings from the East, who came to the village of Bethlehem to worship the new born Messiah.

One Taxila and Roman Catholic (RC) legend from medieval times claim one of these Magi’s was a king from India. Since no classical written historical sources can be used to confirm such a claim, we have to apply the science of Anthropolgy. Legends and folklore can be used as valuable sources. Because such sources can include truth, that regents and their chroniclers purposely have overlooked or deleated. When we study this RC legend in details, the Macedonian general Alexander the Great is mentioned. Items that the general stole from the Middle East and Persia in 336-323 B.C on his way eastwards, were returned by the Magi’s to the new born King of the Jews. Also items that the babylonians captured from the Temple of Solomon (600 B.C).

The three magis missed the birth of the Messiah by 2 years, and did not know in which town He was going to be born. Because of Alexander’s military campaign to Persia and the Indus Valley, the Jewish Prophetic books seems to have been lost. For the next 200 years Greek culture influenced and replaced Jewish religion and customs in the East. A spectacular rediscovery took place in Bethlehem. This unique moment if time changed the way the human race calculate time. It was before the age of Christ (B.C), and after He ascended into Heaven (A.D). One and a half billion people on Earth believe in all that took place in Bethlehem according to scriptures. This is the historical base for the festival of Christmas. Females in caravans from India could have been present in this town in Judea. Not only giving the family of the Messiah the most costly gifts from Hindustan. But also returning with them back home, valuable items of Israel. Females loves silk, perfume, jewellery and embroidery.